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Event Medical

The Triton Team knows that your event is unique and has taken tremendous effort to create. We are here to take the stress out of safety. We can help you create and fulfill your medical plan and ensure that your event patrons have the safest and most well-rounded experience possible. 

Medical bags are stocked at both the BLS and ALS levels. Our bags carry everything our medics need to address a variety of medical or traumatic emergencies. These bags are modeled after ALS EMS/Fire departments and comply with Oregon State EMS law. 


One Medic to a full team. Sporting Events to Festivals. Weddings or Family reunions. On rock and gravel or paved pathways. On Motorcycle or UTV or on Foot… Triton has you covered. 


Safety is our first priority. In planning your event, we want to help take some of the worry off your shoulders. Contact us below to see how we can help create the perfect event from start to finish. 

Motorcycle Rapid Response

Our Motorcycle quick response service represents new innovations in the medical response industry. Two motorcycle, two highly trained medical riders, one medical bag filled with all the latest in lightweight medical technology.

Our medical response riders get to an incident fast, assess the situation, and begin administering care in record time. From scrapes and bumps to major cardiac events and everything in between, our medic riders are prepared and capable. Our Motorcycle response medics can work individually or in pairs. 

A team can be hired for larger events or events spanning great distances. 

ALS Ambulance

Planning an Event? Festival, Fair, Rodeo, Huge birthday bash, family reunion, etc.

To ensure the safety of your participants and spectators, our ALS ambulances provide two certified medical attendants, equipped with the technology and supplies to handle all medical situations ranging from emergency to first aid care.


Event Tent

Triton event tents can be fully customized to your event need. 

Standard equipment includes tables, cots, privacy screens, heart monitoring equipment, heating and cooling methods depending on the weather, water bottles, radios, rapid response equipment, and medical supplies capable of responding to a wide range of basic or advanced life support issues and traumas.

Allow us to customize our resources for your event. 

Triton Response offers all of the items listed below, and so much more! 

Please contact us if you are looking for something you do not see listed here. 


  • AEDS​

  • Airway and Medical Bags

  • Cots and Chairs

  • Immobilization Backboards

  • LIFEPAK 15​​

  • Medical Tent with privacy screen 

  • Motorcycles and Med bags

  • Radio Equipment

  • UTV / Side-by-Side

Our medics carry extra supplies and the most up-to-date equipment.

Salem Capital Building
Triton Crew at Local Rodeo
Hired for a 15 mile Hike
Rodeo with JJ the Clown
Motor Cross Event
Hiking with Locals
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