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Our Service 

Triton Response prides itself on hiring only the most physically and mentally qualified, reliable, and respectful employees.

All of our Medics are red card certified, come fully equipped with their own medical supplies, and a four-wheel drive vehicle (Ambulance or otherwise).

Our Medics respond to wildland fire and rescue incidents across the Western United States.


Our teams attend regular mandatory training to continually hone their skills and stay up to date on rescue medical best practices.



Rapid Extraction
Module Support

Remote Response

A team of four qualified low-angle and high-angle rope rescue operators. The team works together to provide firefighters, who are unable to egress under their own power, a safe and secure transport off the fire line, while simultaneously receiving the appropriate medical care they require. Our team of four consists of Emergency Medical Technicians and a minimum of one Paramedic.

All of our team members have completed Rope Rescue Operations training and each team contains an expert Rope Rescue Technician that acts as team lead. Because of the infinite number of potential scenarios and locations that our team finds themselves in, regular, ongoing training is a Triton requirement.

Typically contracted with the National Forestry Service, our REMS teams are also available for movie sets and outdoor events. 


Rapid Access and Treatment

Remote Response

Our RAT team is similar to a standard REMS team.

The Triton RAT team consists of two medics providing an ALS standard of care.


This is a Reach and Treat team providing quick responses to stabilize injured parties and transport to the nearest ambulance. Our team responds with a UTV, stokes basket, and the highest quality lightweight medical equipment. Both medics are ropes rescue technician certified.

While our RAT teams usually find themselves on the fire line, we love to support outdoor events throughout the Pacific Northwest (PNW).


ALS Ambulance

Remote Response

All ambulance response teams (two personnel) come with a minimum of one Paramedic and EMT who provides medical support and extrication services on wildland fires.

Ambulances are stocked with enough supplies to stay active for a minimum of three weeks of continuous deployment. 

Single Resource Medical

During wildland fire season, Triton Response provides single resource medics in both ALS and BLS scope of practice. A single-resource medic is deployed with three weeks of medical supplies tailored to their scope of practice, appropriate communication devices, and a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Additionally, Triton Response provides an ALS Team response option. 



ALS Single Resource deployments consist of one Paramedic, one four-wheel drive vehicle, and fully stocked medical supplies to provide the complete scope of paramedic medical attention.


Because these medical professionals work alone Triton deploys only their fittest, most level-headed, and self-motivated employees.



One EMT-Basic medical professional, one four-wheel drive vehicle, and fully stocked medical supplies to provide the complete scope of EMT-Basic medical attention.


ALS Team

ALS Team Single Resource deployments consist of two medical professionals, one four-wheel drive vehicle, and fully stocked medical supplies to provide the complete scope of paramedic medical attention.

This service is categorized as a single resource as the team works from a single four-wheel drive vehicle.

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