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On the Trail

Expedition EMS

for all of your outdoor excursions

Expedition EMS is an exclusive Triton Response service that supplements existing guide services and private adventures by adding a competent, capable, and experienced EMS provider. Whether you or your client is at higher risk than the average adventurer, you have a particularly accident-prone group, or you just want the peace of mind of a personal rapid-response medical provider to help push you to achieve your goals, we've got you covered. 


Each of our Expedition Providers has experience in advanced life support or basic life support. Each is certified in high/low angle rapid access and rescue. As a quality-over-quantity company, we can fit your needs in ways that larger, ready-made companies can not. 


We are happy to work with you in every aspect of your adventure. We can stay with you every step of the way on a difficult hike, stage a few miles away in a 4x4 truck, ATV, or even a dirt bike to eliminate disturbance on your technical hunt, or we can shadow your white water rafting trip so care is never more than a few minutes away. We also customize our med bags to address the highest risks you will face on your adventure.  


Give us a call or fill out our form below to see how we can adapt to your specific expedition!

Meet our Most Experienced Expedition Responders

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